The HULK – 2500 HorsePower ’67 Chevy Nova

The HULK – 2500 HorsePower ’67 Chevy Nova

The first thing crossing your mind is that the title of this article is a mistake. Well it isn’t. An out of this world 2500 horsepower makes this 1967 Chevy Nova a real monster – the Hulk. We are not sure if the power is what has decided the nickname for this vehicle or it is the green color. Maybe the combination of both. Speaking about the color, it’s two-tone, candy green apple combined with black on the sides.

the hulk

This 1967 Chevy “The Hulk” Nova weights around 3550 pounds with the driver inside of it. The body is all-steel which is one very interesting detail and makes the car unique. The engine is 632 with two massive 88 mm turbos into the front grille. The vehicle is in some kind of (successful) testing stage producing really good results like 7.23 seconds @ 197.8 Mph.

Source: 1320video

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