Top 10 Cars Ready for the Apocalypse

Top 10 Cars Ready for the Apocalypse

We hear a lot that the world is coming to an end. Well, in that case you gonna need at least one of these vehicles shown on this video. Get ready for the top 10 cars built for the apocalypse. Let’s start from the number 10 spot. There we have this strange, but interesting at the same time Super Jeep with 54 inch tires designed to scale the Hoover Dam. Desert or mountain road, nothing will stop this scary looking Jeep to reach its destination. Number 9 is the Fast ‘N Furious off-road Charger. It seems that this vehicle will fit perfectly in the Mad Max movie franchise, Mad ‘N Furious or maybe Fast Max.

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Moving forward, at Number 8 place is the Rusty Slammington. You should be fine driving this car as long as there are not a lot of rocks on the road. The next car on the list is the popular General Mayhem. Don’t be fooled by the outside look, there is 707 Hellcat engine under the hood. The Number 6 is simply called Six-Pack. This truck will probably rip your face of at full speed with its over 1.000 horsepower. At some point during the end of the world you’ll need to smash things in front of you. Number 5 is perfect for that. It is called International Thunder Run. Moving on, at Number 4 there is the Mad-Maxxis Off-Roadrunner. This is another perfect car for high speed chases across the desert.

If there is something that the Mad Max movie franchise has taught us, is that you gonna need a Big Truck for dramatic chasing at some point. Therefore we got this Welderup Big Rig at the Number 3 spot. The River Rock Rat, ranked as Number 2 on this list, will definitely get you out of a tough situation. High adjustable suspension and over 1400 pound feet of torque defines this vehicle. Taking top spot it’s some strange creation that no one knows for sure what is it. It’s called Valyrian Steel and will get your attention for sure. Check for yourself on the video below.

Source: AutoGuide.com

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