Top 10 Classic Muscle Cars

#10 1969 Oldsmobile 442

We are opening this top list with the legendary 1969 Olds 442 Coupe. Beautiful chassis line with a lot of power inside, typical for the late 60’s. Under the hood of the 1969 model year (part of the second generation 1968 – 1972 of Olds) you can find only two engine options: 400 cubic inch – 6.6 liter V8 producing 290 horsepower and 455 cubic inch – 7.2 liter V8 engine.


#9 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS

Number 9 on our list is the popular 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS. Just like the Oldsmobile before, this Chevelle model year is a part of the second generation too. However, unlikely the number 10 spot, this vehicle has a lot of different engines to choose from. Starting from 230 cubic inch – 3.8 liter Chevrolet l6 through 454 cubic inch – 7.4 liter Big Block V8 machine.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS


  1. Some nice cars on your list, couple of problems though, the Challenger you show is clearly marked 340 TA not 440 and what about 426 Hemi’s and what about GTO’s, GTX’s everyone’s entitled to their opinions but take it to the track your #1 firebird would most likely finish last in the 1/4 mile to all the other cars on your list

  2. I had several a GTx 440 conv.69 a 66GTO I put A 400 engine in it it was a worked over engine full camm very fast with 3deuces on it a mustang 65 289 auto the nicest one I had was a 1954 mercury monterey 2 door hard top with a 312 engine real cars your right about the mopars they were the fastest and they dont blow up very easy experience tells truth looks isnt anything to power love my mopars of all the cars I owned the number 1 we had a 56 chrysler imperial 426 hemi it was black and white trim and it had pink leather interior on seats very fast we blew threee 727 trannies it would lay rubber at 55 when you hit passing gear or when you punch it at 55 miles an hour very fast car original thank you for showing real cars

  3. OK, I grew up in Detroit, during the Muscle Car War! I own and campaign a 1966 GTO, a 1970 Challenger, and a 1973 Sting Ray! I started Racing the Groat on the street and was very successful with it against the New Road Runners and Mustangs that challenge it Crown and some Drag Racing at the Track, The GTO had a 389 tri-power, 4 spd. close ratio transmission with a 12-bolt rear end with a 433 positraction. In 1968 it was still King for its class! But the 440 six-pack, Hemi 4 spd, Dana 60 with 4:10, with the Scat Pac! Was King of the Street and track Period! It beat up Every thing Period! So I would Rank the Challenger First and the groat second or third on the list depending on what you pair it against!

  4. I think the cuda should be number 1, not the firebird and I agree with Jim Cosgrove what about the Hemi’s?

  5. The 1969 Hurst olds 442 with the 4:55 was rated at 390 horses factory one of the strongest engines for the 1969 muscle car era but now you can get that out of the six cylinder what gives

  6. Anyone who knows anything about muscle cars in America would not publish a list of best without a GTO (any from 60s or 70s) anywhere in the list. Without one, this list has no credibility what so ever.

  7. I turned 16 in 1965. I bought a 65 2+2 Mustang new. Leaked like a convertible with the top down; beautiful ar

  8. I turned 16 in 1965. I bought a 65 2+2 Mustang new. Leaked like a convertible with the top down. A beautiful car but not a muscle car. Traded for a 1966 442 (new). That was my dream car. Muscle, beauty and luxury all in one. Today I have a fully restored 66 442 sport coupe, Muncie 4 speed, posi, 462 ci. There is no way you can limit the muscle car era to just 10 cars. Chevy must be the most popular though, seems like everyone around here has at least one in their garage.

  9. The 69 442 came with a 400 CI producing 350 horse power, not 290. The 455 Cubic Inch motor was NOT an option. It only came in the Hurst Oldsmoblie 442 and was placed in the car aftermarket by Hurst, not from Oldsmoble. I had two 69 442’s

  10. ’71 ‘cuda should be number one on looks alone. Drop in a hemi and its 10 car lengths in front of number two…..

  11. By definition a muscle car is an intermediate body with a large displacement. The first was the 1964 GTO and yet there isnt one in the list. Mustangs, camaros, and firebirds are ponycars.

  12. This is a terrible list, first, The TransAm was not a muscle car, just blinged out Camaro with slug 400 cid engine, you left out all of the GTO’s , the 67-69 Camaro SS and Z28, the Plymouth Hemi Road Runners, the Boss Mustang 302 and 429. I could probably go on but suffice it to say that whoever wrote this problably looked at an old calendar and picked the cars they thought looked good.

  13. I raced and beat 383’s and 327’s and lots in between with my 69/ 30 Mustang, two barrel carb and three on the floor. Really doesn’t it come down to who is behind the wheel. My Mustang is still on the road by former owner and I have 70/ G.T.O. 455/4-spd

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