Wide Body Dodge Charger Black Painted

Wide Body Dodge Charger Black Painted

Speaking about the wide body cars this is one unique piece of art and certainly one of the best modified Chargers out there. This 2006 Charger looks so aggressive and cool at the same time. This Dodge Charger black painted with a massive 24×15 tires required a lot of work in the garage. Rear fenders have been expanded over 6.5 inch to allow this kind of tires to fit in.

dodge charger black

The suicide doors are another detail worth mentioning. This isn’t the first car to ever get the suicide doors, but maybe the first Charger to get all of the four doors opening like that. If we open the hood of this monster, we’ll find the supercharged HEMI engine that produces over 700 horsepower. The engine is also nice and clean just like the rest of this vehicle. No more words needed just enjoy the video!

Source: Velocity

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