World First Flying Car on Sale – 2018 PAL-V Liberty

World First Flying Car on Sale – 2018 PAL-V Liberty

The science fiction movies have become reality, because from now you can buy a real and legal flying car. Yes, the PAL-V Liberty is the world’s first production legal flying vehicle, which if you prefer flying cars now you can own one of these. Actually the PAL-V Liberty, its 3-wheel gyrocopter, in other words, it is something between a small helicopter and a three-wheeler, but it works perfectly.

pal v liberty firs flying car

For driving on the roads the PAL-V Liberty is using a 99 horsepower engine which in enough for a top speed of 100mph, and 9.0 seconds to accelerate till 62mph. In the air, the Liberty is using his 197 horsepower flying engine and can achieve a top speed of 112mph, with a maximum altitude of 3500m. The PAL-V Liberty comes in two models, the Sport edition which starts at $399,000, while the Pioneer its limited edition and it cost $599,000.

To reserve one of these models you will have to front a $10,000 or $25,000 nonrefundable deposit, or $2,500 refundable deposits to put customers on a waiting list. At this price its included introduction, training, lessons and power heating, and for driving one of these flying cars you will need a pilot’s license. The first examples of the PAL-V Liberty will be delivered by the end of 2018.

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